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Sometimes the person with the most to offer a community starts with very little. Sometimes the best person to take on the special interests started out with only one interest…making things better locally, for everybody. And sometimes, the most qualified person for the job is the person who has worked her way through school while raising her kids and always found time to give back to the community.

Meet Melissa Hernandez. Community Volunteer. Dublin City Councilmember and former Vice-Mayor. Democrat. Daughter of migrant farm workers. One of us.

Alameda County deserves a Supervisor who is focused on Alameda County–not a self-serving political career in Washington or Sacramento. Someone who’s got your back. Whose focused on you, your job, your family, and your neighborhood.

Melissa’s story is the story of so many Alameda County families – of scratching and sacrificing to achieve the American Dream. Melissa is the 5th of 7 children born to migrant farm workers in Dixon. Her parents, through sheer grit, determination, and the helping hand of a compassionate neighbor, moved the family into the middle class. Grateful, Melissa has dedicated her life to public service and giving back.

Melissa has spent her adult life raising her children and volunteering in the Tri-Valley community – in her children’s school, on the Little League board, and as an active member of Rotary. In 2016, juggling a family, her studies and a job, Melissa ran for and won a seat on the Dublin City Council.

While on the Council, Melissa has been a family and neighborhood-focused leader working to end the traffic congestion on our highways and our neighborhood streets and roads; for responsible development that balances economic growth and preserving our quality of life; for protection of parks and services so families can enjoy time together outdoors; and for fiscal responsibility to ensure that local government remains solvent in good and bad economic times.

On the Board of Supervisors, Melissa will fight for affordable housing, traffic and transportation improvements, improvements in county social programs, and fair wages and programs to help low-wage workers move to the middle class. She knows the importance of these critical county services. She knows what they mean to families..because she’s lived it.

Today, with a lifetime of real-life challenges and accomplishments under her belt, Melissa is uniquely prepared to serve as Supervisor and deliver results for our families in Fremont, Livermore, Dublin, and across eastern Alameda county.

Melissa Hernandez for Supervisor. A Supervisor for Our Community.

Paid for by Hernandez for Alameda County Supervisor 2020 • FPPC# 1420557 • Maintained by Cedric Cheng Design
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