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Melissa on the Issues

Better Transportation and Traffic Improvements You Can See and Feel:

On the Dublin City Council, Melissa has been a neighborhood-focused leader working tirelessly to end traffic congestion on our highways and in our neighborhoods. As a director on both the Valley Link Board and Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA) Board of Directors, she’s building on Supervisor Haggerty’s visionary leadership on transportation within the 580 corridor. Melissa will also work hard to look for innovative ideas for reducing 680 traffic along the grade into Milpitas. She’ll keep working with highly impacted local cities to increase transit options and move the ball forward with creative solutions like smart traffic signals and modernizing Fremont Boulevard to deliver results our community can see and feel.

Homelessness in Alameda County:

Homelessness in Alameda county has increased a staggering 43% since 2017, with the number reaching over 8,000 on our streets each night. I will work diligently to implement and expand upon the Alameda County vision 2026 plan to address homelessness. We must provide the tools and opportunities needed to move people into housing with rental assistance programs and more affordable housing, and we must connect our homeless population with wrap around services such as healthcare, mental health, and job training, to help ensure a successful and permanent path out of homelessness.

More Affordable Housing Availability Now:

Alameda County sits at the epicenter of the growing housing crisis. The cost of housing in Alameda County swallows up most of the weekly pay check of the vast majority of working families in our community. On the Dublin City Council Melissa has been strongly advocating for smart growth and increased affordable housing near transit areas. As Supervisor she will continue to bring people together to ensure responsible development of more affordable housing while balancing growth and above all, preserving our quality of life.

Protecting Public Safety and Fire Services Funding that Protects Us:

Protecting the safety and security of families — has been and will always be — Job #1 for Melissa. She’s trusted and endorsed by the Livermore Police Officers Association and Livermore Pleasanton Firefighters IAFF Local 1974 because from Day One as a community leader and volunteer to being sworn in to protect and service on the Dublin City Council, Melissa has been a tireless advocate for our first responders. As our area faces wildfires, growing cities, rolling power outages and increased population, Melissa knows how critical fully funded, well-trained first responders with the right tools and resources are the key to keeping seniors, children, families and neighborhoods safe and secure. As a woman, Mother and community advocate, no one will fight harder as Supervisor to advocate for public safety in our County.

Fighting Climate Change and Protecting the Environment:

Alameda County is home to intricate waterways that outlet into the bay. It is vital we protect our watersheds and the health of our bay ecosystems. On the East Bay Community Energy Board of Directors and the Alameda County Waste Management Authority Board (StopWaste), she’s been working to keep the county ahead of the curve on environmental protection efforts and reducing our climate and waste production impact.

Fiscal Responsibility that Keeps Government Working for Working Families:

On the Dublin City Council’s Economic Development Committee, Melissa is fighting for fiscal responsibility and to ensure local government works for working families in good times and bad. She’s an advocate for smart spending with a laser focus on community development and growing our economy. She’s protecting services and preserving parks and open spaces. And with 9,700 employees and a $3 billion budget, Melissa knows how critical it is that Alameda County finances are managed well, that taxpayer dollars are respected and safety net services are protected. On the Board of Supervisors Melissa will work to implement the county’s recently adopted Vision 2026 that guides long-term budgeting, and work to ensure that Alameda is the best county in which to live, work and do business.



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